La Wagyu

Wagyu è una varietà di razza bovina nata, allevata e macellata in Giappone in modo unico fin dall’antichità.

La definizione di Wagyu è rigorosa, le uniche mucche infatti che possono essere chiamate Wagyu sono di quattro tipi: giapponese nera, giapponese marrone, giapponese con corna corte e giapponese maculata.

La Tracciabilità

Each Wagyu has a 10-digit identification number, individually established in which its traceability is specified and at the same time constitutes a certificate of origin of the animal. 

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The Striploin, or sirloin, is the most caudal part of the loin, mainly composed of the Longissimus Dorsi muscle.

With a very soft consistency thanks to the intense marbling, it combines this characteristic with an excellent texture, a combination that makes it the most versatile cut used by restaurants and steakhouses all over the world.

Ribeye Roll

The Ribeye Roll, or rib without bone, is the most cranial part of the loin, mainly composed of 2 muscles, the Longissimus Dorsi and the Spinalis Dorsi.

Very tasty cut given by the intense and fine marbling. Ideal for steaks but also fine slicing for luxurious shabu shabu or sukiyaki.

Chuck Roll

The Chuck Roll or royal, is the continuation of the ribeye towards the animal's head. From this cut you can get some perfect steaks such as a ribeye or the legendary Zabuton, a very marbled steak and at the same time with an intense wagyu taste. Although mostly ideal for steaks, one part can be finely sliced and used in Sukiyaki and the remaining part for exquisite stews or minced meats.


The Shoulder Clod or shoulder 3 cuts, contains all the shoulder cuts: the Fesone, the priest's hat, the shoulder cover and the shoulder fillet. Very tasty cuts because it is well known that the tastiest cuts are obtained from the front of the animal.

From the Cappello del Prete (TopBlade) you can get excellent and very marbled steaks, as well as from the shoulder fillet, but also the Fesone is very versatile and can be used both for steaks, for shabu shabu, or sukiyaki.



The Shin & Shank, better known as the anterior shank and the posterior shank, are typically considered lean and sinewy meats, but find their redemption in the Wagyu cattle breeds, whose animals are characterized by delicious and extremely tasty shanks. They are suitable for long cooking such as stews and braised meats, and can be used as the secret ingredient for exceptional meat sauce and burgers.

Chuck Short Ribs


Chuck Short Ribs is the boneless cut that is obtained from the part of the bovine between the second and fifth rib, whose main muscle is the Serratus Ventralis.

This very tasty and marbled meat is ideal for obtaining thin slices or cubes to be savored directly after cooking, but also for preparing an exquisite wagyu yakitori.



The Brisket, also called the brisket, is composed of two muscles, the Pectoralis Profundus, and the Pettoralis superficialis.

In Japan, this last cut produces tender steaks that are ideal for yakiniku or grilled, while the rest of the cut is dedicated to the preparation of minced meat, sauces and fillings.


Tenderloin or fillet, known for its extreme tenderness, is the most requested cut to obtain steaks with the typical medallion shape. Mainly composed of the Psoas Major muscle,  it can be divided into three minor cuts, the Chateaubriand, the heart of the tenderloin and the tail of the tenderloin, from which to obtain excellent fillet mignon.

Top Round

The Top Round, or rump, is a cut of thigh also known as Punta d'anca and is extremely versatile and suitable for steaks, yakiniku, and very tender and tasty tartare.

Bottom Round

The Bottom Round includes the Italian cuts of the silverside, round and bell. These are all highly versatile thigh cuts suitable for classic dishes such as steaks, shabu shabu, English roast beef and stews. One perfect cut for multiple preparations.

Tomobara Plate Side

The Tomobara plate side, or belly, includes some very sought-after cuts: the Flank or Bavette Flanchet and the Internal Diaphragm (Trasversus Abdominis) from which wonderful steaks are obtained.

The middle part of the wagyu belly can also be portioned into small steaks that are ideal for grilling and yakiniku. The remainder features a perfect balance of fat and meat making it the cut of choice for exceptional ground beef and burgers.

Tomobara Rib Side

The Tomobara rib side is the highest part of the belly, the one that joins the side. From this cut we can obtain the Half short ribs, boned beef ribs, very marbled and ideal for BBQ cooking.

From this portion we also obtain the Flap meat or bavette d'aloyau, also known as Vacio in Argentina, a soft and juicy steak perfect for grilling.


The Knuckle, literal translation of the Italian “walnut” cut, is in Japan a cut made up of a walnut and a spinach. It can be finely sliced to be cooked in broth, prepared as shabu shabu or pan-seared and the trimmings are perfect for making ravioli stuffing or for making ragout.


By ordering a Rump, known in Italy as "rump", you will find two vacuum packs, one containing the heart of the rump, from which very soft steaks can be obtained, and the codon or picanha, an extremely marbled portion of the rump, comparable to more noble cuts obtained from the sirloin steak.