For over 60 years we have been working in Kyoto together with our trusted breeders to guarantee a healthy and quality Wagyu, fed according to the most rigorous regulations imposed by the JMGA (Japan Meat Grading Association), thus reaching the highest level of excellence and offering a product really from farm to table.

In doing so, we have come to select more than 10,000 wagyu a year from top breeders across Japan, from the Hokkaido region in the north to Okinawa in the south.

Throughout our long history as breeders we have come to understand that Wagyu quality varies by


Breeding techniques of each breeder


Environment with total absence of stress


Duration of the breeding period


Feed used and personalized diet for each bovine


Breeding bull genetics


The overall pedigree, the historical bloodlines and other details kept confidential by the breeders, but now known to the Onishi family thanks to the long experience in the field

Collaborazione con Migliori Allevatori Wagyu Giapponesi
Collaborazione con Migliori Allevatori Wagyu Giapponesi

Being a partner of the Ginkakuji Onishi butcher's shop, we are able to follow the entire process chain that brings the desired and selected Wagyu cut to the end customer.

Thanks to our experience and professionalism, we select and export the entire animal from Japan, ensuring our customers the opportunity to enjoy a vast variety of different cuts of every quality, origin and grade, from the now famous Wagyu A5 Ginkakuji Onishi to the very famous Japanese old cow "Juku-Aged Wagyu”.