juku meat japan

The "Aged Wagyu Juku" label, a project born from the experience of the Onishi family, indicates a selection of female wagyu cattle in advanced age (with superior quality genetics and which were therefore destined for the production of new calves and restocking the herd ) which has been the subject of a special feeding and re-fattening program in order to achieve an unparalleled level of meat quality and taste.

Historically in Japan these mares are not traditionally slaughtered with the denomination of "Japanese Wagyu", since they are animals that having given birth tend to have a lower marbling and are therefore discarded by the large breeding industry of the major prefectures

The “Aged Wagyu Juku” project of the Onishi family, which has always been focused on respecting the sacrifice of the animal, was born in response to this waste and the lack of valorisation of old wagyu cows with perfect genetics and the highest potential to produce excellent meat.
Thanks to this innovative program, old Wagyu cows of 5-8 years of age are selected and transferred to the Juku farm in Shimane prefecture to fatten, in order to radically change the quality of the meat and increase the perception of Umami taste inside.