Selected from the best farms in all of Japan, including those located north of the ancient capital of medieval Japan, in Kyotamba, a plain full of streams, agricultural fields and ancient temples, famous for the quality of the spring waters that flow there. It is precisely this element, pure water, that constitutes the key element in the nutrition of these Kuroge cows (" black coat"), together with the timothy grass, a medicinal plant used to aid the digestion of the animal. Here the wagyu cows Ginkakuji Onishi, lying on soft beds of Hinoki and Sugi wood shavings, precious raw materials with a pleasant and soothing scent, are born, live and grow in an environment devoid of any source of stress, but full of attention and respect, that the breeder dedicates to each of its animals.
ciascuno dei suoi animali.

Tecniche di Selezione Artigianali Wagyu | Importazione di Alta Qualità

Our Ho.Re.Ca line of frozen products includes wagyu burgers, portioned in ready-to-use wagyu skins, skewers for yakitori and gyoza ravioli. All our frozen foods can be cooked directly from freezing, facilitating restaurant operations and significantly improving margins.

We also offer consultancy dedicated to the development of recipes that take into account the tastes, market positioning of the customer and target food cost.
We collaborate with our Japanese partners by creating unique events, starting with our Wagyu Masterclass, Wagyu meat cutting lessons and educational field trips to our farms and butchers in Japan.