Meat Japan Srl was founded in 2022 by the Italian gastronome Paolo Tucci, by the meat expert Salvatore Di Mento and by the historic Japanese butcher Ginkakuji Onishi, among ancient selectors and butchers of Wagyu of Japan, based in Kyoto, the ancient capital of the country of Rising Sun.

Paolo Tucci

Consultant, educator and entrepreneur in the Food & Beverage sector, after having combined a course of economic studies at Bocconi University with a Master of Gastronomy obtained at the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo, in Piedmont, he soon began to relate with ingredients, people and gastronomic cultures of the world, traveling to the United States, Australia, Southeast Asia and finally landing in Japan. Multiculturalism and multidisciplinarity are fundamental traits of his professional career, which sees him fill the role of partner and CEO of Meat Japan.

Salvatore Di Mento

Meat Japan partner and director in charge of meat processing and product creation. Graduated in Veterinary Sciences, he has gained experience working for years in the meat sector dealing with the large-scale retail trade both in Italy and in Ireland. Thanks to his passion for meat and his experience in the sector, Salvatore is able to bring a new point of view to the world of Wagyu meat, based on the technical skills necessary to ensure that Wagyu can be processed, transformed and enhanced for the Ho.Re.Ca and GDO sector in a unique and innovative way.



The Ginkakuji Onishi butcher shop opened in 1953 in front of Ginkakuji, the “temple of the silver roof” in Kyoto.

This historic Japanese butcher shop specializes in the selection of the highest quality meats, first of all Ginkakuji Onishi Wagyu which incorporates the best wagyu meat that Japan has to offer and Juku, Japan's first "sustainable wagyu", a project focused on re-fattening of the wagyu mares that have given birth.

Hideki Onishi

Today the family tradition is carried on by Raizo Onishi and his son Hideki Onishi. The growth of the company was achieved thanks to the commitment of Raizo Onishi who at the age of 25 began to follow his father's profession, analyzing and selecting more than 10,000 cattle a year, focusing on the relationship with breeders, arriving to understand as well as select the best Wagyu of Japan.

After taking control of the company at the age of 35, Hideki transformed the Kyoto butcher into a company that now has more than 20 stores, supermarkets and thousands of Ho.Re.Ca and GDO customers.



The "Aged Wagyu Juku" label, a project born from the experience of the Onishi family, indicates a selection of female wagyu cattle in advanced age (with superior quality genetics and which were therefore destined for the production of new calves and restocking the herd ) which has been the subject of a special feeding and re-fattening program in order to achieve an unparalleled level of meat quality and taste.

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